Our Streets, Our Bodies, Our Voices

The BYP100 – NYC Chapter is currently developing a campaign around police brutality and have launched a travelling photo and video series project to uplift the concerns of Black people in New York City. The project uses a traveling public photo series to spark discussions around policing in New York City and it’s impact on Black New Yorkers. The project will highlight faces and voices often left out of discussions around police presence in our communities.  Participants will answer three questions pertaining to community safety, concerns about police presence, and feelings regarding personal police harassment. Answers will be written on a handheld whiteboard that participants will hold for a photo and short video clip; however, participants can choose to cover their faces to maintain anonymity if desired. The photo/video series invites an honest sharing of stories, experiences, feelings, and concerns amongst Black New Yorkers and will be a part of a larger campaign initiated by BYP100 (NYC) on policing, safety, and mass incarceration in New York City.

As an organization led by young people, we recognize the importance of visibility and projection. We operate through a Black Queer Feminist lens as it demonstrates the importance of centering the most marginalized people, because we can’t be free until our most oppressed and marginalized Black people are free.