BYP100 New Orleans We Dat NOLA Chap!


The New Orleans Chapter of BYP100 is rooted in southern organizing tradition as well as organizing through a Black queer feminist lens. We are a chapter made up of members from around the country who now call New Orleans home as well as members whose families and legacies have been rooted in the city and Louisiana for decades. Learn more about our chapter and our work below. You can reach us at



Stay Woke:
Principled struggle, know your location, ongoing process

Share Leadership:
Group-centered, Each one teach one, Emergent

Shift Power:
Strategic planning, relational organizing, radical reform

Stay whole:
Radical healing, wellness is work, transformative justice



Stay woke: Radical King Political Education event

In the tradition of New Orleans freedom schools, we hosted a popular education event on the radical legacy of King with the aim of asking, instead of praising or criticizing: why did King have such a radical shift? The hope was to examine King’s political development, his naming of the three evils of society (racism, militarism, and materialism), within the context of our current political moment–pushing where we, too, might make a more radical shift.