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BYP100 stood hand in hand as America deemed Zimmerman not guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin. We marched through tear-gas and riot gear in the streets of Ferguson when Michael Brown was murdered by Darren Wilson. We’ve demanded that the Chicago Police Department fire the police officer that killed Rekia Boyd.

Black folks, the descendants of the Black diaspora and survivors of chattel slavery, the magic makers. We have been historically marginalized across America and throughout the world. We are impacted by Anti-Blackness, Gender Based Oppression, Capitalism, and state sanctioned violence. For this reason, BYP100 believes in organizing ourselves through direct action, public policy, political education, and transformative leadership, to confront an expose the state, and to uplift the historically marginalized. Black people throughout history have been faced with similar circumstances, and in the face of uncertainty made the world a better place. Black people have changed this society in powerful ways and we must do so again to live the lives we all deserve.

BYP100 is leading a mighty resurgence in Black social movement construction. The right-wing political ice age of the last 50 years is beginning to crack and thaw as Black, Queer, Feminist youth take leadership in moving new people into mass social movements and radical organizations. Over the last five years, hundreds of young Black people have built this organization, thousands of allies have supported us and witnessed us grow, and yet millions of people must be organized to have the revolutionary impact this society needs and our people deserve. History is not just what has been done in the past, but is the result of what we do, right now, in the face of uncertainty. We call on you to take action! We can seize this moment and begin to build towards Black self-determination; to build Black futures.

BYP100 is resourced through generous supporters, both large and small. Our volunteer membership and small staff dedicate thousands of hours every year (yes we count!) to run high impact campaigns, deliver comprehensive leadership development trainings and create culture for the sake of Black liberation. We invest in young Black people because we know we’re worth it. If you believe in this strategy, we invite you to join our community of supporters!

Here’s what we will do with your support this year:

  • Open our first national headquarters building in Chicago
  • Build a national campaign to advance the Agenda to Build Black Futures
  • Hire more field organizers through the BYP100 Organizing Fellowship Program
  • Strengthen our Healing and Safety Council to promote wellness and restorative justice

To volunteer, gift in-kind donations (land, technology, office supplies etc.) or sponsor BYP100 projects please email us at

For all other donations please visit our donate page or mail checks to:

Black Youth Project 100
P.O. Box 9031
Chicago, IL 60609

We need you to join us on the right side of history, join BYP100 on the freedom side!

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