Frequently Asked Questions And Glossary of Terms

What’s the difference between BYP and BYP100?

We’re so glad that you’ve asked that question. BYP100 is NOT, we repeat, NOT the same at BYP. BYP stands for the Black Youth Project which is a national research project and media platform for young Black people between the ages of 15 and 25 started by Cathy Cohen in 2004. In 2013, Cathy Cohen gathered 100 Black youth to discuss their stake in the movement. These folks eventually developed BYP100, a completely separate organization but a sister to BYP. We’d prefer if you call us BYP100, much like you refer to Consumer Value Stores as CVS. Thanks!

What does the 100 stand for?

100 of us came together for our first convening with BYP and the hashtag for the convening became #BYP100. Clever, right?

What is a Black Queer Feminist Lens?

The Black Queer Feminist (BQF) is a political theory and practice developed out of Black feminist and LGBTQ movements for liberation. Together, this praxis (thought + action) is like putting on a pair of glasses in order to understand the conditions of Black people and what we must transform in order to liberate all oppressed people. Lenses, of any kind, impact how we see the world. They magnify, protect, and clarify.

The BQF gives a more holistic understanding of our conditions and connectedness as Black people. As a result, we understand that liberation for all Black people can only be realized by lifting up the voices, experiences and prioritizing the issues of historically silenced and vulnerable groups within Black communities – specifically, queer, trans and GNC, femme,  poor, disabled, poor, working and undocumented people. Simply put, it means that as organizers we have to take Fannie Lou Hamer’s words seriously: “Nobody is free until everybody is free.”

How can I support?

Where is BYP100 located?

We are with you!…… Okay well we have 9 chapters in the United States (New Orleans, New York, Detroit, Washington D.C., Chicago, Durham, Jackson, Milwaukee, Bay Area) but we also have national members who are representing us in other locations. We definitely want to build more chapters but we need solid groups of folks who are willing to hold forts down in order to do that. If you are interested in joining or starting a chapter, check out our membership information for next steps and email

How long has BYP100 been around?

Our birthday is July 13, 2013!

How does BYP100 form a chapter?

We build chapters based on community interest and momentum. There’s this longggg drawn out process, to be quite honest. And y’all have to be serious about holding it down and keeping it alive. But we can leave that to membership to discuss. Head to that section on the website to get all of the good and dirty details.

Why can’t REAL youth join (younger than 18)?

First of all, we’re really youth too! Lol But in all seriousness, in observing the folks in our communities who lack resources and opportunities for engagement, we find that people between the ages of 18 and 35 are the young folks who are navigating this weird space where they’re not old enough to be taken seriously but not young enough to be molded, developed, and invested in. So we created a home for those folks – to effectively build their leadership and provide them with the tools and resources to effect transformative change in their communities.

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