Family Membership


BYP100 is committed to building long-term sustainable power that is centered in the communities our members come from. We understand that our organization targets a very specific population, but we are constantly trying to think of ways to spread the sense of community, love, and Black joy our members experience to our broader Black family. We appreciate your support of our organization so much and we are happy to announce our Family membership. Family membership was created for folks in our extended Black family who are not able to meet membership criteria, but love and support BYP100 just as much as our members do.

To be eligible for Family membership you must:

  1. Identify as black
  2. Be committed to a Black queer feminist politic
  3. Make monthly dues payment of at least $5

Perks of Family membership

  1. Access to social media group
  2. BYP100 Family Membership swagg
  3. Represent BYP100 in public event with expressed consent
  4. Attendance at regional and National Gatherings

contact for more information