Propose a Session for the 2018 National Convening!

Hey beautiful Black people,

Happy May! I hope your melanin is glowing, your curls are popping, and the coconut oil is keeping firm! The National Convening is fast approaching and we expect this year’s NatCon to be the largest, dopest, and most triumphant gathering that we have ever hosted; this is BYP100’s 5 year anniversary!

The design team is working hard to create the greatest experience possible and are now seeking proposals for sessions!

We are doing this work in a moment of fast changing political and social conditions. We have been fighting for the Black Queer Feminist future we all deeply deserve. Come celebrate with us!!


The 3rd annual BYP100 National Convening, to be held July 12th – 15th, 2018 in Chicago, will be an unapologetically Black space to build on the expansiveness of the Black imagination, reflect on new tactics for our work, and celebrate with holistic practice, rigor, and discipline the journey to 5 years of BYP100!

The National Convening will feature a dynamic range of focus areas that cultivate the fully resilient strategies that we need right now to build up, reflect on and thoroughly celebrate an organizing practice rooted in Black joy and sustainability.

When you propose a session for the National Convening, please make sure it identifies with one of the following tracks or practice spaces. Read the National Convening’s Tracks, Practice Spaces, and Gatherings, listed below. Then submit your proposal!

  • A Track is a series of sessions connected by a shared theme.
  • A Practice Space is a hands-on open studio space dedicated to a creative practice.
  • A Gathering is a meet-up with a specific goal or identity within Blackness

The convening tracks are as follows:

  • Black Queer Feminist Reflection
  • Black Queer Feminist Building
  • Black Queer Feminist Celebration

What makes a dope National Convening Session?

This National Convening, we’re focusing on sessions that provide folks tangible skillsets, practices, analysis, politics, and ideas that they can take with them as members and explore with their chapters or on their own.

We want to build an agenda with sessions that offer a range of learning opportunities: from beginner to advanced.

Here are some more qualities for what makes a good session:

  • A clear connection to the Black radical traditions of building Black space and/or organizing.
  • Explores all of the dimensions of the problem being addressed  (internal, interpersonal, and systemic).
  • Results in tangible resources and strategic next steps
  • Values the expertise of the folks most impacted by the problem to solve the problem.
  • Creates collaboration and connection between fabulous Black folk. It would be dope to have sessions created by multiple chapters or individuals, and that connect to or inspire an ongoing organizing process that extends beyond the conference.
  • Aims to be accessible to as many people as possible, people of diverse abilities, experiences, ages, and backgrounds.
  • The session ought to be deeply interactive; it has to be creative, imaginative, and fun.

We can’t wait to hear your ideas for making this year’s convening the illest ever!

Here are a few things to consider when preparing your submission:

  • How will your session help the Black radical tradition move forward? Can the practice that you present provide lessons for members in their personal development or work? Does your session discussion inspire members to take action and provide suggestions on how and where to get started?
  • A session is not for the sole purpose of selling your book, zine, mixtape, non-profit, business, software, website idea, or self help lectures.
  • Submit early if possible! This helps us gauge issue interest and see how much speaker/topic overlap exists.
  • Give your session a dope name that clearly describes the content of the workshop.

When submitting, remember:

  • If your session is a panel, panels should include a moderator and no more than four panelists. Think hard about if you need a panel, if you can, turn it into an open discussion with anchors or a dope exercise.
  • We highly encourage Q&A or other audience interaction.
  • Session blocks are optional between 60 minutes and 105 minutes. We’ll do our best to accommodate scheduling needs.


Now that you’ve made it to the end…

CLICK HERE to submit your session proposal.

The deadline for submitting your session proposal is

May 27th, 2018 at 11:59pm EST.