Marion Sims Action

BYP100 NYC led an action at the statue of J. Marion Sims in East Harlem demanding that this monument to racism and oppression be taken down! Sims was a white southern doctor who experimented on enslaved Black women without anesthesia or informed consent. Despite his blatant racism, Sims is still highly regarded today as the “Father of Modern Gynecology.” BYP100 is part of the movement to challenge symbols of oppression.


March for Black Women

On September 30th, 4 of our members headed down to Washington D.C. to be a part of the March for Black Women. The march was approximately 4 hours long and consisted of back to back Black women bearing their souls and reciprocating the love that was being radiated their way from the crowd.


Swipe It Forward

Fare-beating is one of the top reasons why Black New Yorkers are arrested which is a criminalization of poverty. As part of our push-back against this, we participate in Swipe It Forward which are days of action where we swipe in Black and brown New Yorkers into the subway for free and encourage of a culture of New Yorkers swiping fellow New Yorkers in. Poverty is not a crime!


HOME Campaign

“Set back by the 2013 supreme court ruling which forced [the NYPD] to stop & frisk individuals with more stealth, the country’s largest slave-catcher force has devised a new strategy for the large-scale targeting of Black/Brown communities. As if being terrorized by way of pre-dawn raids where your safety, property and humanity are violated and your loved ones are seized from you weren’t enough, many residents face eviction from public housing in the aftermath behind NYCHA’s profoundly inhumane ‘permanent exclusion’ policy.”

The practices detailed above perfectly describe the injustices that our HOME (Housing Over Monitoring and Evictions) campaign is fighting against.


Anti-Columbus Day Tour

BYP100 worked with Decolonize this Place, NYC Stands with Standing Rock, and a few other organizations to host the 2nd Annual Anti-Columbus Day tour at the Museum of Natural History. They led folks through a series of mic checks where they presented a rewritten decolonized narrative of our country’s history.