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BYP100 is a leading organization in today’s movement for Black liberation. Our national membership of Black 18-35 year old activists engage in high impact direct action, issue-based and symbolic campaigns, and grassroots organizing work.

We are currently searching for a new National Organizing Co-Chair who will be integral in deepening our civic engagement programming outside of elections

About This Position

The National Organizing Co-Chair will be one of two national organizing positions in BYP100. The position is open to all members to apply. Whereas one National Organizing Co-Chair focuses on direct action and issue-based campaigns, this particular position will be focused on election and civic engagement programs within and outside of election cycles. With this position we hope to develop a more revolutionary concept on how elections can directly impact and improve the lives of black people. We also hope to build out specific programs that help build concrete power for black people and BYP100 and demonstrate what electoral political work can & should look like, not what it has looked like.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Identify opportunities and dates for coordinated activities across chapters in relation to the 2016 election
  • Coordinate and support the development of local & chapter election plans
  • Facilitate communication across chapters leading up to national days of action
  • Lead the development of BYP100’s election narrative and talking points
  • Train black youth across the country in direct action, power, strategy, chapter-building, community-building and election concepts and tactics
  • Help develop BYP100’s national and state election strategy
  • Lead on the completion and rollout of election related materials
  • Support in the rollout of direct action, policy, and national/local campaign related materials
  • Create election materials for chapters to use (Sample issue-based talking points, mini- election workshop outlines and one-pagers)
  • Implement political education around BYP100’s organizational theory of change, BYP100’s election theory of change, and movement-driven organizing
  • Serve as support for chapters developing and implementing election initiatives
  • Maintain a working knowledge of the national election landscape, and the state landscape in the states where BYP100 is leading election work
  • Identify potential national and state partnerships to help support local/chapter election initiatives
  • Collaborate with national and state organizations around election and immediate-post election initiatives
  • Lead the development of an organizational plan that outlines what building electoral power looks like outside of election cycles
  • Participate in weekly staff calls and complete monthly staff reports
  • Regular check-ins with local/chapter leads around election work
  • Help manage internal data and evaluation infrastructure for the election (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Overall Campaign)
  • Regularly check in with other national organizing leads by joining a standing meeting at least once a week and being accessible through agreed upon channels of communication
  • Regular check-ins with National Organizing Co-Chair (Partner) and National Chair

Skills Required

  • Experience organizing issue based and/or electoral campaigns
  • Experience managing volunteers
  • Experience managing field tactics (Street teams, doorknocking, phonebanks, forums, social events, etc.) from conception, through implementation, and evaluation
  • Experience developing and maintaining collaborative relationships with individuals and organizations
  • Outgoing, positive, and open personality
  • Creativity in concepts and ideas around campaign & strategy development
  • Ability to effectively multitask, time manage, and meet multiple deadlines
  • Commitment to the empowerment and engagement of Black youth
  • Open and receptive to feedback and commitment to development and adaptation personally and professionally

BYP100 & This Election

BYP100 believes that civic engagement is not the beginning or the end of the work we’re building towards a vision of radical black liberation. It is a tool and an opportunity to build power, infrastructure, and data on black youth to help influence our ongoing campaigns and organizational initiatives.

In this election we will be running community-based, black youth led registration, education and turnout initiatives focused on engaging the community we represent—young black people between the ages of 18-35. We will not be focusing on candidates (Presidential or otherwise), but on how this election impacts our communities outside of candidate personality politics.


Roles will be hired for a 3-month position. There will be the possibility of extensions of positions into the fall given additional funds raised.

June—August positions.


Application Deadline: June 26th

All Interested Applications Should Submit a Resume, Writing Sample, and Answers to the Following Questions to:

  1. What do you hope to build and/or develop personally through this election?
  2. What is the importance of BYP100 actively organizing issue-based campaigns, community-building work, and election work?
  3. What’s one tactic you would be excited to try to infuse into BYP100’s election work?

Contact Information:

Charlene Carruthers                                                               Jessica Pierce

National Director                                                                     National Chair

Chicago, IL                                                                              Washington, DC                                                 

773­9401800                                                                            408­205­2763

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