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This election, and the municipal elections of 2015 are about building power and building community. So that we can then fight on the issues that matter to us and get the change we really need to see.


The Black Youth Project 100 has formed an I’m Young, I’m Black & I VOTE campaign to pick-up the slack of the Democratic Party, who consistently neglects to engage young, black voters. Similar to the Republican Party, the Democratic Party has proven itself woefully inept at engaging youth of color; even when effective engagement could have prevented significant electoral losses in 2010. 

The outcome of the 2014 election cycle is crucial for our country and especially for young Black voters who, not only must vote, but also hold politicians accountable beyond Election Day. This is why BYP100 is focused on civically engaging Black youth and intertwining get out the vote efforts with advocating to end the criminalization of Black people.


We are focusing on getting out the black youth vote because we are the community that is the most consistently disenfranchised and marginalized in any and every issue. If we, as young black people, don’t focus on registering, educating, turning out, and protecting our vote– nobody else will. People don’t care about our lives and bodies being protected so they definitely don’t care about [our] vote being protected”

– Jessice Pierce, BYP100 National Co-Chair (Washington, DC)

BYP100’s I’m Young, I’m Black & I VOTE field campaign is taking place in Chicago, IL, Detroit, MI, Greensboro and Charlotte, NC. Each region has a community field team that is being led by local organizers who are committed to engaging black youth around the political process.  We are proud to work with organizations including Chicago Votes, the Michigan Voice Detroit Table and Ignite NC to build our first GOTV program.

If you live in any of our targeted regions and are interested in getting involved, please email to get connected with your local organizers.


Chicago, IL                                               Detroit, MI

Janae Bonsu, Organizer                        Brandon Norris, Organizer

Ric Wilson, Organizer                            Myra Lee, Organizer


Greensboro, NC                                       Charlotte, NC

David Irving Allen, Organizer               Bree Newsome, Organizer


To obtain more information about voting click here or call 1-866-OUR-VOTE

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