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Regional Organizer

BYP100-graphic-500x500Application Deadline: March 1, 2017
All Interested Applications Should Submit a Resume & Cover Letter to:

About this position

The Regional Organizer will be based in the Southern region of the U.S. and will focus on three core program areas of work:

1) Local & State, & National Policy Support

  • Directly support the needs of chapter public policy projects and leadership in those committees
  • Support the development of state and local policy initiatives, agendas, and campaigns
  • Support strategy development around state and local elections that supports early, local, and integrated engagement inside of and outside of election cycles
  • Coordinating rapid response, direct responses, and translations of policy on a national and local level

2) Local & State Capacity and Skill Building

  • Broadening and deepening our base where young Black people are centralized—focusing on the southern region of the U.S. where 55% of Black people live
  • Works in coordination with the Chapter Coordinator to build out trainings and identify external training opportunities that support skills-building for members and potential members
  • Identifying programs to fill the gap between membership interest and membership & chapter development

3) Cultivating & Sustaining Relationships

  • Focusing on building organizational relationships with state and local organizations rooted in the South
  • Identifying potential co-conspirator strategy opportunities (Individuals and organizations) to support chapter programs and organizing
  • Ensuring that our work with national, state, and local organizations is strategic and/or filling a direct need

 The position is solely open to all active BYP100 members to apply.

Skills Required/Desired

  • Experience organizing and developing strategies for issue based and electoral campaigns
  • Experience managing volunteers
  • Experience working in remote teams, and managing staff/volunteers remotely
  • Experience managing field tactics (Street teams, doorknocking, phonebanks, forums, social events, etc.) from conception, through implementation, and evaluation
  • Experience developing and maintaining collaborative relationships with individuals and organizations on multiple levels: national to local
  • Experience working within large political organizations or within some form of government
  • Experience building programs and campaigns in the South region of the U.S.
  • Outgoing, positive, and open personality
  • Creativity in concepts and ideas around campaign & strategy development
  • Ability to effectively multitask, time manage, and meet multiple deadlines
  • Commitment to the empowerment and engagement of Black youth
  • Open and receptive to feedback and commitment to development and adaptation personally and professionally


 Full-Time, Non-Exempt. Regular travel required. BYP100 offers a generous benefit package including healthcare and paid time off. Salary is negotiable.

Contact Information:


Charlene Carruthers                                                       Jessica Pierce
  National Director                                                                 National Chair
Chicago, IL                                                                               Durham, NC                                                  
773­208­2264                                                                         408­205­2763


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