[BREAKING!] BYP100 Shutdown Homan Square ‘Black Site’ To Demand A World Without Police

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BYP100 in coordination with the #LetUsBreathe Collective and the Movement for Black Lives, #FreedomNow Day of Action are taking action to shut-down the Chicago Police Department (CPD) – Homan Square “black site” in Chicago to demonstrate the urgency in investing in new alternatives and divesting from police systems that violently oppress Black people

When: 4:00 pm CST
Where: The corner of Fillmore and Homan

Spokesperson Contact:
Camesha Jones cameshaj@uchicago.edu
Kirstin Brokenborough thederkable@gmail.com
Kristiana Colon Chicago/LetUsBreathe Collective letusbreathe2015@gmail.com

Call L’lerret Jazelle Ailith, BYP100 Communications Manager, at 443-488-0312 for direct lines to spokespeople.


“This city should not be investing dollars into a police force that has committed racially-motivated violence and has had a hand in destabilizing Black communities. The city spends hundreds of millions of dollars on police while schools and essential services that keep Black communities safe are being cut and closed.”, says BYP100 Communications Co-chair Kirsten Brockenborough.

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